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With my application’s heading out in a slow trickle I was surprised to get a response from a big graduate recruiter so soon. Of course a preliminary phone interview is far from a job but it is a great start to a busy application season.

In my last post I whined about the number of applications I’ve been writing but the early success has reminded my that it is of course quality not quantity that truly counts. Check and re-check and then, if possible, get someone else to read over your application. Whilst you may think the story of the time you and your co-workers managed to build a castle out of empty delivery boxes is a great example of teamwork it is best to stick with relevant examples and projects that you are truly proud of. But it may take someone else’s opinion for you to really see that.

This is a great example of the “early bird getting the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese” because whilst it is important to get in early it is also important to maintain thought processes of what the employer is looking for. Tough job markets call for top quality applications as the employers have a greater choice of people to select their final candidates from.

And remember a misspelled word can affect your life for a long time


So besides my huge blogging income from my many blogs (this is actually my only one, and more than likely your the only person to have read it today) I’m now looking for a job. This means I am joining the other 2.47 million people in the UK currently out of work and on the hunt for gainful employment. Although for all intents and purposes probably only half of those unemployed are actually job hunting and the other half are just happy to pick up the unemployment benefits.

The 30th application as you would expect is a lot harder than the 1st. And for good reason to, it is always going to be hard to make your 3 month internship at a small office where your only job was to ensure pencil sharpness consistency sound a tad more interesting. But do to do it 30 times for 30 different employers wanting 30 different key words (analysing, researching, quantifying, staring, sleeping, capitulating) is nigh on impossible.

By far and away the hardest has to be the open applications. In no more than 300 words introduce yourself, that would be code for if you go over 300 words to describe you entire personality, traits, passions and desires then we are just going to throw that application straight in to the trash pile. Of course if you dare put less than 299 words there will be a similar outcome. What makes you tick? Well I guess that would be a result of my application Tourettes. Where do you see yourself in ten years? Still writing applications.