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I’m pretty sure I thought I could become a poker pro because I had heard about all those students who dropped out of uni to play poker full time. And I was a student! Perfect, how could my plan go wrong. I already had thought about how I was going to break the news to my parents that my degree was pointless as I would soon be raking in fifty gs a week with the extra time I would have to enter a few more tournaments and multi table for a few extra hours a day. Oh come on Mum, this is a serious career choice.

Whilst the story of student making loads of money by playing poker is one covered often, the story of student tries to play poker but then loses everything and develops gambling problem receives slightly less coverage. However I can only imagine that for every success story there are many more sob stories of students losing big trying to get rich quick, these stories of course getting far less coverage. I myself am probably about even in my poker career, having spent little but still won a little bit. So still some way of becoming pro then.

Unlike most casino games poker is a game where knowledge and skill can drastically improve your ability to win, luck does of course still have a large part to play and is why the game is a form of gambling and not just a sport. The large rise in it’s popularity has seen many rank it alongside professional sports, enveloping the top players to the world of celebrity, and dominating the early morning TV schedule. The poker celebrities generally are the louder and more abrasive players on the circuit (or super aggressive), and coincidentally this also means that they would be incredibly annoying to play with and is probably the key to their success.

My current ability is that of not losing too much money in live games with my friends nor online, but to develop I’d probably have to read a book as it seems to be clear that my natural aptitude isn’t quite there. However reading a book about table position and pot odds is not my idea of a night well spent.