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So in the last week I have been watching about 5 TED videos a day. TED literally standing for Technology Entertainment and Design, but in a more holistic way it stands for and is devoted to giving interesting, smart and in some cases, witty, people a platform from which to share their ideas and thoughts. Many of which can be streamed from their website.

Bjarke Ingels of architects particularly grabbed my attention because of his amazing Danish-ness. That isn’t amazingly impressive given that he is Danish but they are a clever bunch and have an innate sense of design. Walking down Copenhagen’s Strøget you can see the effortless style that Danes exude daily. Ingels’ designs however are mind boggling brilliant (even for a Dane) and if I had a couple of billions to spare and land to be developed I would be breaking his door down demanding he emulates the Azerbaijan Island development in the London docklands, but using Ben Nevis and Snowden instead of course.

I guess TED is very much suited to my million thoughts a minute style brain as the topics are so broad, you also feel that you have been given a real insight in to the work and lives of these brilliant talkers. So much so in fact I end each speech with a strong feeling that I am now number two in the world for the most recent development they talk about, behind the guy/gal who made the actual speech, as well as a strong urge to applause despite watching them on my own.

I got carried away watching Ingels thinking I probably should go in to design because it looks amazing. In hindsight I’m probably not quite suited to it because I can’t draw very well and, most importantly, I’m not Scandinavian. But that’s the point of TED because there will be people out there inspired to do something because of what they saw in one of these talks or even better they will see the solution to a problem that the presenter is having with implementing his technology to help the world.

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