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Prolific: The best facebook app

Big News! This week whilst trying to concentrate on applications I have set some personal best scores on most of the online games I play. Including a rather hot streak on Facebook’s prolific (think online boggle) that has seen me enter the top 2,000 palyers in the world.  So despite not being where I would like to be with applications I can’t say it hasn’t been productive.

Online gaming has two levels, one for the serious mega gamers who lock themselves in their parent’s basements. The second is for the mild, but time stealing, procrastinators. Whilst the second one is slightly less consuming than the first which has the potential to really take over and ruin people’s lives.

Just in case you did have a bit of time to waste then here are a few of my favourites:

  1. Super Stacker 2
  2. Pillage the Village
  3. Desktop Defender 2
  4. Zombie Cricket
  5. Jumpers for Goalposts

I almost apologise for putting these up because for anyone who clicks them there isn’t a way back. You will be hooked until you finish them all!

I don’t want to say that gaming is a dirty little secret however as many of them help energise the mind, particularly word games such as prolific and help you sharpen up. Much like many of the games on Nintendo Wii and DS are advertised to do.

Now it’s back to the applications… just after one last game of…