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Election fever has started in the UK. Much akin to the people who put out their Christmas lights in October, the real “keenos” have been putting up their posters, haven’t they David Cameron, in preparation for the big day. I remain sat in my bah-election mood exhilarated by the prospect of the smarmy one, the getting in touch with his emotional side one, and the other one. Only joking Nick, I don’t want to be accused of political bias. Well, not yet anyway.

Labour's Gruesome Twosome, Brown and Darling

Politicians are voted for by people who formulate an opinion based on a 6 month popularity contest, thus making the posturing and bravado a very important part of modern politics. There is an added emphasis on this 6 months because the past 2 1/2 years has been all about the Blue Team basically being a Government in waiting, however now that we are getting down to the business end of the political cycle more people are beginning to realise that maybe they don’t want the baby faced assassins taking control of the economy and that maybe boring Brown drab Darling are a safer pair of collective hands.

But Brown and Darling have had their chance surely? Brown’s vision for the UK started in 1997 and 13 years later we should be in a better position than we are currently. Brown was the Chancellor who failed to bring in more transparency for investment banks that resulted in the UK being hit by one of the most severe recessions in recent times. Now before you frog march down the street with your Brown OUT posters we have to consider the alternatives.

Cameron and Osbourne – Sounding like a Jermyn Street tailors these two have consumed over £250,000 of private school education (inflation adjusted) but are very keen to be men of the people. Cameron wants to be your mate, he’s trying to manoeuvre himself in to a them and us position. Them being the big bad incumbent Government and him the people’s champion. In reality he’s just plastering pictures of his very smooth face up and down the country telling people he is the change you want to see in the country

Vince Cable, he's not young but is he able?

Clegg and Cable – This Lib Dem

Duo sound more like local tradesman than Jermyn Street outfitters. The Lib Dems have impressed many people and seen a rise in polls as voters become disillusioned with the main two parties. However that’s hardly a banner upon which to launch your election campaign, “We’re the least disagreeable of a distinctly average bunch of alternatives”. Old Vince Cable had a good showing in the live debate of the chancellors elect and really showed himself to be a safe

pair of hands, but has he got the legs for a long and stamina testing campaign trail? And more importantly the lasting power to bring in the changes that would be required to fix the Economy?

In all likely hood the Lib Dems are not in the picture to take over power but the potential of a hung parliament puts them in a very strong position to make a significant impact on the future Government. But after the “We agree with Nick Debate” he must be wondering if there is even more available than the decider in a hung parliament. I for one will be steering clear of all the madness though after finding out my vote has 7 times less influence than the average voter in the UK.


I have likened the climategate scandal to the war in Iraq, because somewhere along the line mistakes were made by those leading the campaigns and gambles on information were made.

Leading organisations got to a point where they had to make definitive decisions, and in hindsight the whole strategy and approach has proved that the decision making processes were completely at fault.

We went to war because we thought that Saddam had WMDs.

We need to be greener and cut down on fossil fuel consumption because if we don’t the Earth’s climate will warm up.

By saying that we were going to war because of the injustices and crimes against humanity that Saddam was performing then fewer people would still be protesting the West’s involvement in Iraq.


Who's data can we trust?

By saying that we have to cut emissions and consumption because the earth has finite resources and if we consume all of them now, as we are doing, there will be nothing left for future generations then we wouldn’t have to face the strong tide of people rejecting climate change because of the meddling of data sets by a few renegade scientists at the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit.

No one can argue that the earth is running out of oil, not even the ultra conservatives can say that the gas under the North Sea will last for ever. So why pick on climate change as the be all and end all strategy for greener economies. Economies powered by oil should be able to see that there current economic climate (let alone actual climate) won’t last so should be investing in sustainable alternatives anyway.

The problem of course lies with the chosen “vehicle of change” that many government’s have used, by backing “a warming climate” slogan instead of a more inclusive approach using sustainability as the forefront for change governments and green supporters have now opened themselves for a lot of criticism.

I understand that getting people to sit up and take notice is a difficult task in this day and age, especially when it is the average individual you are trying engage as ultimately it is they (all of us) who have the responsibility of trying to live more sustainably. It means getting people to do what they don’t want to do, sort their trash/rubbish, recycle, remembering to bring a reusable bag to the shops, using public transport and eating less meat. People have become used to this in our society and it will take plenty of persuading for them to give up their ways. Those UEA scientists however took “attention seeking” for their cause too far by justifying to themselves that fudging the numbers and covering up their lies would some how serve the greater good.

The motives of those UEA scientists will be released in time but the only facts we now know for sure is that the cause of sustainability has suffered because of their actions and that because of it the Copenhagen summit will have to deal with this issue instead of concentrating on setting real targets and initiatives.

Nyhavn, Copenhagen

One lasting question from all of this will be whether the timing of the discovery was merely a coincidence or in fact a well planned attack by those with vested interests in stalling Copenhagen’s talks?

Blogging, that’s what I’m doing.  But why? Why do people blog? Some do it for the £/$/€, some do it to share a passion (me!) and others to champion a cause/promote a product. Doing it for the money is probably a rather harsh way of saying it but some lucky people out there are professional bloggers. Darren Rowse @ Problogger for example not only is a professional blogger but the basis of his blog is to teach others how they can do it to.

To make serious money you need a Unique Selling Point, an area that other people are interested in hearing about but hasn’t really been covered well so far. The gaps in the market are filling up fast as many people are now entering the world of blogging. I like to see blogs as the magazines of the internet and as such they cover a wide range of topics, but they also have a chronological dimension that also makes them like a diary for recording past events.

Championing a cause is a great platform to start a blog on whether it be something small like hotels4families trying to improve the attitude of the hotel industry towards families, or something much bigger like encouraging social innovation @ The Social Enterprise Blog. People enjoy seeing the progression of campaigns and having the chance to interact with the minds that started them.

Most people blog about their own passions, take perez hilton he is now a celebrity because of his no bars hold blog about… celebrities. He loves following them, gossiping about them and analysing their every move. That passion was transferred to the people using his combination of witty writing style and loud brash video blogs. Because people have passions about almost anything there are blogs about almost everything.

I will give you a few of my favourite blogs now, however whether you like a blog or not depends entirely on whether you find the bloggers subject matter interesting. Writing style, humour are two other important aspects of personal preferences and often make the difference between following two similar blogs.

Blog Honour Roll

  • Boing Boing – A Directory of Wonderful things, literally.
  • Seth Godin – Marketing gurunius (gurunius is half guru and half genius)
  • Mashable – Social Networking explained. They let you know the latest developments and trends in social media.
  • TED Blog – Blogs about the TED talks and shows. TED is currently my favourite website on the internet!
  • Matt Cutts – Mr Google, resident expert and all round entertainer.

I will add to the blog honour roll and publish the links on the side bar of the website.